Dancers Amy Powell & Jen Keehn | Trapeze Doubles

Dancers Amy Powell & Jen Keehn | Trapeze Doubles

Introductory Workshops

            $50 for 2 hours (must be 8+ to participate).

            Workshops are offered on most Saturdays from



Class Drop-In Rate or Pay As You Go



One Class Weekly

            $100/month + $5 Open Studio*


Two Classes Weekly

            $180/month + 4 Free Open Studios*


Three Classes Weekly

            $240/month + 8 Free Open Studios*


Unlimited Instruction - Our Best Deal!!!

            $360/month - Scheduled Class time only.

            Available to Intermediate Students only.


Bundle Packages - Contact Us for Details!

            $190/two months (1x/week) - Save  $10.00 or

            $340/two months (2x/week) - Save $20.00!

You must prepay for the month in order to receive the above rates. If a class must be missed, time may be made up during any class of the student's choosing with available spots . If you choose not to prepay because of an anticipated absence, your rate will go up to $30/hour drop-in.

All cancellations or refunds for prepaid activities will result in a $20 charge (per student cancellation) and the refund will be issued in full. Credit Card payment is available at the studio. There is an additional $2.00 charge for payments up to $50.00, $3.00 for payments $51-$100, $4.00 for payments $101-$150, $5.00 for payments $151-$200, and so on.

Family discounts are available. Other discounts are available. Please contact us for details. Special offers will be offered throughout the year to provide deals and discounts for active and devoted members (thank you!) of our studio.

*Open studio is only available for members of our studio that have prepaid for a minimum of one month’s worth of classes, and is not available to the general public.

Dancer Jen Keehn in Aerial Outdoor Performance

Dancer Jen Keehn in Aerial Outdoor Performance

This is a live calendar that is updated minute to minute....

Although what you see is typically what you will get, please confirm with us (several hours before coming) if you wish to come to a class that you typically do not attend.


Please reference this calendar often...

We are an ever-growing and therefor, ever-changing studio, and we must occasionally make changes throughout the week to accommodate our student body as a whole.


 We are only almost ;) perfect...

Occasionally changes will be made, classes will be rescheduled and this calendar will NOT reflect them. We will inform those affected by any such changes during class, but cannot guarantee that you will be personally informed if you are absent. But we will do our best, and we appreciate your patience and flexibility!


Call or text us: 423.582.2437 | Email us: | THANK YOU!

We observe the following holidays and will be closed on:

Easter Weekend, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,

Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve,

Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day!