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Special Event: AcroYoga Workshop - November 16, 2013

Scott Cooper is BACK from Boston!!! This workshop will build upon what we did during the last few workshops with Scott, but is still accessible to beginners.

2:00-3:30 Focus on Form & Build Something:

In this block, we will learn several principles and postures, and then put movement in between them so that we have built something that flows together... the fun part!

3:30-5:00 Take Everything a Step Further:

In this block, we will take all that we have learned and add on a few more postures and even more in between!

5:00-6:00 Crowd's Choice:

This is an opportunity for more advanced playtime and to ask the instructor about specific things you'd like to learn. This will be based on interest only, so if you know you want to participate in this block, please reserve a spot in advance.

Each class is a 1.5 hour block (with the exception of the last block). The structure is intended to build upon what was learned in the block before so that if you come to the first class and are loving it, then you will have what you need to know in order to stay for the second block and so on. We want to encourage people to stay and enjoy instructor Scott Cooper for as MUCH time on the 16th as possible, so we will give everyone who stays for multiple blocks a nice discount.

One block is $35, two is $60, and you can do all three for $85!!! Space will be limited in each class so please contact us to get registered for the blocks that you'd like!