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We will be hosting McKinley Vitale THIS SATURDAY!!!

She will be introducing two new apparatuses, rope and double point trapeze (circus bar)... pieces of equipment that most of our Chattanooga Aerials students have NEVER EVEN TRIED BEFORE!!!

The workshop will include three 1.5 hour blocks beginning at 2:30pm, and ending around 7:00pm. We will not be breaking for lunch and have no scheduled breaks, so please feel free to bring snacks and munch as you please :)

2:30-4:00 | BLOCK 1: Using Momentum on Rope and Trapeze

Learn to use momentum to your advantage! This block will explore how to use different types of beats (momentum swings) to propel you into different skills. Although at first a challenge, the use of momentum adds a dynamic flair to choreography.

4:00-5:30 | BLOCK 2: Transferring Fabric Skills to Rope

Use the rope for a different approach to fabric skills you love! In this block you will get a chance to become acquainted with aerial rope' and its differences and similarities to fabric. We will transfer sequences, poses, and drops to the rope, and then end with a creative challenge.

5:30-7:00 | BLOCK 3: Transferring Single Point Skills to Circus Bar

Put a different spin on your dance trapeze skills and sequences using double point / circus trapeze. We will use the different properties of the circus bar to our advantage as we adapt our skills to a different type of bar.


Pricing is $50 for one block, $90 for two blocks, and $120 for all three!

Payment details will be posted ASAP!